Friday, April 9, 2010

The Wish List

After working with Revit for several years, you start to hit some walls that are insurmountable without spending a great amount of time and effort to overcome. These are a few of these issues that my colleagues and I have come up with and they will be added to periodically, so check back often. Also please feel free to suggest some of your own.
  • Many type parameters for text and dimensions should be instance based.
  • When placing view on sheets, users should be prompted for a viewport type.
  • Ability to use filter or override graphics in view to change detail level of select items.
  • Ability to turn worksets on or off in view templates.
  • Ability to preload link in a RTE file.
  • Offer cut, copy and paste via right-click menu.
  • All parameters can be tagged or scheduled regardless if shared or not.
  • Ability to cut sections through any kind of family.
  • Filter by type or family names in schedule.
  • Ability for parameters in one family to drive parameters in others.
  • Use a material tag on railings.
  • Use text parameter values in conditional statements .
  • Save to central should offer a reload links option.
  • A bigger dot when placing corner mullions on curtain walls .
  • If the cut plane cuts it, it should show per cut object styles.
  • Elevation view should offer different line weights per the distance from the elevation cut.
  • Ability to turn off calculations while working in Revit MEP.
  • Create a non dialog box based stair tool.
  • Central file should not tie up those not saving to central, when making changes to parameters.
  • Face-based families should have a level offset.
  • Voids in a host family should cut geometry that's been nested in.
  • To have the option to use the Count Parameter in a calculated value while scheduling

  • The ability to Filter a schedule using OR as an expression.

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